Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Here. There. Everywhere.

Good morning! I've got my first cup of coffee and have put on a pair of warm socks so the day is officially on its way. Clara's watching The Cat and the Hat, just begged for milk and pizza, and is wearing toasty pajamas so she's also good to go.

Wanted to let you know a little more about the Ubergarden on this chilly Fall a.m. This blog (yes, this blog right here) is going to be our Central Online Hub. You'll be able to watch the livestream and prerecorded videos, find out about our donation levels and gifts, see what's coming up next on the schedule, find out how you can participate in what's currently happening, etc, etc, etc. This is the Place to Be, if you can't Be with us in person.

We're kicking things off at 5 pm, CST, and the schedule's chock full of va-rye-a-tay, much to my delight. I'll tell you more about our performers in the next few days so keep on tuning in here for info.

Head on over to our facebook invitation to RSVP, if you haven't gotten a chance to.

What else, what else? Any questions from you, dear Readers? I'll answer them or, of course, The Ubergarden, that irascible scoundrel, can field the inquiries, as well.

Saturday, October 16th. Here. There. Everywhere. 5 pm.

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