Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Time is Getting Closer ....

The middle of December is upon us which means 2010 is just outside the window, breathing on the pane, and then sticking its tongue to freeze upon it. 2010 is going to be a very important year for us and I'm quite nervous, truth be told, as to what lies in store for our little theatre company.

Nicolle Van Dyke, our new Managing Director, will be joining me in the New Year to lead the charge on all fronts and our company members will be doing anything and everything to support the theatre company. Nicolle will be introducing herself to you soon and I think, if you haven't met her already, you'll be smitten with her. I know our female management team is going to "get 'er dun" with great aplomb and then some ... all while wearing fabulous pairs of high heel boots.

2010 is going to be all about preparing and fundraising for Storming Heaven. We're, primarily, going to be looking for direct financial support from our audience and fans. We're also going to be applying for a few grants, which will be a first for us, but we may or may not get them, so ... we're going to be appealing to you. We have an amazing season getting planned for 2011 and will be working throughout 2010 to create Storming Heaven, our four part theatrical miniseries. Even if you think that you don't have tons of money to give to our nonprofit theatre company, please know that as little as $5.00 goes a long way in GreyZelda's book. We know the value of a dollar and can stretch it like nobody's business. We're shooting to try to raise $5,000.00 per show and we will need you to help us reach that goal.

There are a variety of ways online that you can donate to GreyZelda.

One is through paypal. You can click on the WhatGives widget to the right and donate directly to us.

You can also go through IGive and GreyZelda will receive a donation everytime you search or shop online. It's super cool. We receive a penny each time you search for something and, if you purchase an item, we'll receive a percentage.

You can also visit Guidestar and donate as well.

We want to continue making our brand of theatre and sharing the stories that we think are important but we need your generosity to continue. Please consider donating to GreyZelda this year and be a part of the next creation.

Thank you so much.