Monday, December 20, 2004

Brrrrrr . . .

Hello, dear readers -

My, it's a chilly day here in Chicago and the abode of GreyZelda is in dire need of the heater to kick it up. No worries, our heat does, indeed, work. It just takes a bit of a nap during the day and goes strong when darkness falls.

Fanny Hooe is taking shape. The tale of the 17 year old girl who visits Fort Wilkins to see her dear sister, Detta, and her husband, Captain Ruggles is slowly solidifying itself to me, Mulch, and Miss M. The early summer months in the upper peninsula in 1844 are being painted on page and the work has officially begun.

We're excited to be creating this story from the ground up. And, thank you Dave Twotrees for the white paint, for it will come in handy on the white washed set of the fort, built to protect the copper interests.

We've started an online yahoogroup for the purposes of discussing all things theatrical with GreyZelda collaborators, past and present. We've been up and running by the seats of our pants for a little over a year now and we're exquisitely happy with the work being done and those who have helped us do it. It's awfully fun, isn't it, seeing a project take shape from beginning to end. Why we do it and keep on doing it, money or no. I'd be destitute and keep on keeping on. Any way you want it . . . as Matt Hedrick firmly constitutes.

Well, my dears, my fingers are a bit chilly and have the instincts to curl themselves up in balls - or find a pair of gloves. Either way, I think they're done blogging.

Have a warm and Happy Holiday season!

the nested Crow