Monday, January 25, 2010

A January Update

I always visit our GreyZelda blog several times a day to see what new blog entries have been posted by my theatre peers and the like (they're located just to the right). I peek at the date of my last post and constantly remind myself to write a little sump'n sump'n but distractions with Clara, twitter, facebook, email, you name it hit me and I put it off for another day. For that, I do apologize. You can always keep up with me and my theatre ruminations on twitter: or It's a hot bed of conversation over there these days so, if you're not on twitter, you should jump on board. I, for one, find it fun and illuminating.

So, what's been happening, you ask? Quite a few things, actually. Nicolle Van Dyke is officially our sole Managing Director and Chris Riter is back on board with assisting on the Artistic Director side. You may mark that down in black pen.

Our playwrights are still adapting. We may or may not be ready to roll by January 2011 but we will be rolling sometime that year, yes indeedy do. I've had to have a few deep conversations with myself, namely my Ego, and reaffirm that it's not all about the competition and always being actively present on the Production end of things. Storming Heaven is definitely going to be all about the Process, which I always enjoy anyway. We won't be able to roll out the plays until all four are ready to go and that's ok. It'll be well worth the wait. Plus, we're getting other theatre companies involved, too, so I think it'll be rather grand.

I've been helping out with the Chicago Storefront Summit, mainly on the organizational/administrative end. I've made an email list, twitter page, posted events on facebook, talked to Chicago theatre leaders about conducting Breakout Sessions, etc. I attended the first one yesterday which was about Gender Equality in Chicago and it went swimmingly. It was simple, yet effective which is how we all go about creating beautiful storefront theatre. Margo Gray of Prologue Theatre, Jenn Adams of Halcyon and Brian Golden of Theatre Seven hosted the talk and there was a good turnout. We discussed barriers, solutions and next steps for continuing to create gender equality and we'll continue the discussions throughout the year, as well as determining plans of action to spread the equality word. I hope you can join us.

What else, what else ... Sarah Stec has submitted new graphics for the website and Gene Van Dyke will be coming over sometime this weekend to fiddle around with our current website to see what the ol' gal can do. She, at the bare minimum, could use a few Botox injections. Hopefully, it won't make her look puffy like Tori and Madonna. Oh, snap. I'll also be talking GreyZelda business with Ms. Nicolle and coming up with a timeline for fundraisers, informational meetings/workshops/etc/etc.

I hope you're all doing goodly. Feel free to use the comment page to let me know what's been going on artistically, etc with your fabulous selves.