Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clara's Spitting Mad but a Quick Update


We're going to get a new look for our website. We're not going to go crazy and reinvent the wheel, but we're getting a face lift. Sarah Stec will be getting some designs to me within the next couple of weeks and we'll see what's what.

We had an adapter meeting for Storming Heaven which went really well. Bilal Dardai, Bob Fisher, David Alan Moore and GZ's own Chris Riter will be picking what section of the book they want to work on by Halloween and then will start working on their scripts. My hope is to get first draft copies of the sections to Denise Giardina by the end of January/ beginning of February 2010 to get her final approval.

Betsy Morgan gave a board presentation at our last company meeting and rocked and rolled with her information. We have a long way to go before we get the perfect board assembled but we now know the steps we need to take in forming a better one. Can I just say how I'm so happy Betsy is joining us to do shtuff? She's super cool.

We're also getting in gear for our fundraising campaign. I'll talk more about our ideas in another post. We'll be filling most of 2010 with our efforts along those fronts and I'm hoping that they're both fun and successful. If you'd like to volunteer in anyway, please let us know.

Clara isn't a happy camper at the moment so I need to bid you an adieu but I just wanted to get these few things down for y'all to see. I hope you're doing well.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ze Code ... Ze Code, Boss

As I stated in the last post ... the code of ethics for Chicago Storefront Theatre was thrown out into the brainstorming session at the recent Summit meeting and needs a lot more development and thought from the group of experts and participants who were at the meeting and those who are looking to get involved.

First off, I run a nonprofit business. I create art but I run a business. That's just that. There's no running away from it. If you accept donations that are tax deductible, if you have registered with the state, if you are on the radar, you should have standards and you should have ethics. Bottom line. I hate the term "bottom line", but, hell, I'm talking in business speak. Why? I founded a business. Our audiences are our consumers and those who want to work with us are our employees. A Code of Ethics is a way of gaining trust from our workers and our audience. I'm sure you all run a trustworthy business, but what's the harm in having a list of words to agree to confirming and holding us to that fact?

I agree that having the code won't stop people from doing whatever the hell they want to do and it might be "lip service", but, again ... what's the harm? If we break off into committees and one of those committees is in charge of coming up with an initial draft ... what's the harm? Seriously ... I'd like to know. If you don't want to sign it or get behind it, that's your right. But, if a group of theatres do, that's their right, too. Again, most businesses follow one and let their people know about it.

So ... we can create one. Or not. I, honestly, am fine if the Summit group wants to move forward with other ideas. But, if people are interested in developing one, I'll be on board with it and will help to spread the word about it. I would, however, like to know ... if you're cringing about the idea, what are you really, deep down, cringing about? If we break off into committees and one of the committees works on this and another works on resource sharing and another works on real estate, etc, what's the harm? We can't all be stirring the same pot or else we won't accomplish anything.

Here's some Reading Material I found on the nets that I found both informative and entertaining:

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U/RTA's Code of Ethics (Example of a group of universities and regional theatre's putting a standard list together that all participating members can agree to abide by.)

And, for fun ...

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Good day to you all.