Sunday, October 30, 2005

A letter from Crow's grandfather

my god I'm impressed to think I would know personally theatre personalities in positions of authority. my wife and I congratulate you on your achievements and have agreed to donate the sum of $30.00. I do hope such a large sum does not disrupt your way of life.

our location makes our attendance impractical though we travel on occasion. we are considering buying a horse to be named "occasion". Perhaps we shall encounter you during the holiday season, I do hope so.

our very highest regards,
Grampy and Grammy Brown
william/virginia brown

this machine keeps making modifications to this note

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Insanity in October

So . . . our next production is getting closer on the horizon every day . . . I'm acting in this one as Mrs. Mary Girard and it's been a pleasure getting back to the bright side of life. I love the dark side, as well, but it's fun slummin' around in different aspects, as it were. And, hey, as you can see to the left to the left and right, I figured out how to add an image. Super cool.

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser, Black, White and GreyZelda. We ended up making close to $400.00, which will assist in buying the rights to Insanity of Mary Girard and a couple of the costumes. It was a swell time. We hung up Steven T. Wirth's thoughts of The Idiot, which I wanted to peruse, but didn't get a chance to because apparently talking and talking and more talking is what I chose to do that evening. We also performed the first part of the show and She and He had their debut. Heath Hays and Kim Katona hung up photography and we had silent auctions and stuff. We had found a fabulous bar in our alley, so we were able to officiate the wine pouring and beer giving with it. Again, we had a very nice time, so thanks to all who attended for making that so.

I've just been working on my lines and rehearsing and working on getting press releases out and such. Getting ready to head to Robert and Kristen's for their engagement party. Oh yeah! and it's Mulch's and my anniversary! 6 years, baby cakes!

Ok, my mind isn't very creative this eve, I think because it's been consuming words and making them permanent indentations. I bid you good evening, sirs and madams.

Come see the show! It opens October 12th! Limited seating so make reservations. Prepare to be scared, cats.