Thursday, July 31, 2008

LZ and the McCauliflower Hit the Road For the End of the Line

Well ... the time has come.

Our dear friends, Lisa Wilson and Dave McCaul, are loading up their U-Haul and are going to make the voyage to their new destination of Seattle, WA. We will sorely and severely miss them, but are incredibly excited about their new adventure in a land I've never visited. A land of trees, water, trolls and lots of coffee. And Frasier lives there. And, I hear tell, there are those who are sleepless.

Lisa's been with GreyZelda since the beginning and has been the biggest supporter, company member, collaborator and maven we've had. She's hung up posters, made costumes, acted lots of times, assistant directed, donated furniture, time and lots of effort ... she's been amazing and not having her around to be involved in whatever the company does next will be a sad endeavor. But, on the positive side, we have a lot of people who have started getting involved with the company who are excited to help and grow our little group.

Lisa and Dave also quickly became bosom pals of ours and we've spent many a late evening with them talking about music, dancing, breaking glasses, bobbing for apples, watching movies, debating, arguing, crying, seeing lots of concerts together, being silly about Tori Amos ... we've shared a great deal together and they've been two of the best friends we've had. We've learned a great deal from them and they've introduced us to many things from authors to musicians to movies to restaurants. Many, many things. For they are adventurers of the highest degree. We'll really miss them.

And, now before I become too verklempt, I will bid them adieu and safe travels and will regale you with pictures.

And it'll be super cool to visit them in Seattle. I hear tell you can take a 6 hour ferry ride to Alaska from there.