Friday, September 24, 2010

Editor’s Note: This Blog originated and was sent out into the Universe on Thursday, 9/23/10, but was intercepted by a group of Fae. After cross-world arbitration, we were able to come to a mutually agreed upon settlement, therefore retrieving the words of the magnanimous “Übergarden”.
(P.S. quick tip, never tell the wee pixie folks you like their outfits, they will talk about it for hours!)

9/23/10 from the Übergarden:

Music, smell-o-vision treats, silly games, impromptu surprises, raffles, exploring realms other than your own…….any of this sound like fun to you? Well, guess what, Männer und Frauen, you can be a part of all the joys that are planned for Saturday, October 16, 2010. What is this, you say, an event I have to dress up for and leave my home for? Nein!!!! The Ubergarden event will be an online fundraising event, via ustream, also a link will be provided on the website (where you can also conveniently donate via paypal). I can assure you that the level of entertainment provided and depending on your level of donation, the raffle gifts, will be worth your attention and time.

I, the Ubergarden, have borrowed a poem (as I am a creature of creativity) from my friend the ÜberMensch – who wrote this as his ode of attendance for the event of Saturday, October 16th.

Saturday night, oh the fun, but why bother.
To dress and to coif is time wasted, just foddered.
What else could I do, on this night of reprieve?
Why go to a bar and pay 10 bucks for mead?

I could stay in my home, comfy and sound.
My pajamas are calling for wearing, let’s lounge.
But wait, I remember, that something with flair.
Is occurring on-line, this evening, how rare?

I’ll check facebook events and check on the Twitter
To remind myself, wait….who is this “Mitter”?
Oh yes, GreyZelda, how fresh and creative
Are streaming an Übergarden, I can see it!

This craziness I’m watching, so addictive and fun
I’m sending them $25.00 bucks, and it’s done.
That paypal link was speedy, just perfect
I can’t wait to see.. ....wait is that a Turkey?!?

You really, must join on October 16th
All the cool kids are doing it, so don’t be a dink.

Signed: The ÜberMensch


RebeccaZ said...

Dear Ubermensch, friend of Ubergarden ... did you know that today marks the death of one Dr. Seuss? Indeed!

Nicolle (editor) - I am thankful that you were able to do business with the Faerie Folk. And, obviously, I am quite pleased that you didn't eat/drink anything whilst visiting Faerie Country. While it looks quite tasty, it's nothing but glamour.


Anonymous said...

The Ubermensch did not know the great Seuss. However, he is humbled that inspiration struck.

Dear RZ...I did read a primer on how to negotiate with the Fae Folk before my arrival. I also did not thank them as they would think I then owed them a favor. I simply said,,,,"Nice shoes...farewell" and that's when the outfit two hour commentary started.. Sheesh!