Saturday, November 20, 2004

Long time since we blogged at yins

Ah, l'hiver -

It comes too soon, but the white flakes are always quite lovely. We here at GreyZelda have been dabbling - just finished with the Circus of Nuance. As you all know, we're members of the
spareroom cooperative and Chris Jones (a fellow roomie), the Mulchman, and I came up with a curation idea to benefit our wonderful rehearsal and creation space. GreyZelda contributed our Lenore and I suppose I'll tell you how the evening went down . .. and then I'll precede to tell you a little bit more about our upcoming collaboration.

Lenore was a very short piece, so we put it at the start of the eve. A poe-lude. We created a funeral and the audience was a part of the congregation. Robert, Kristin, and Dave McCaul provided the morbid music. Ren Buenviaje conducted the ceremony. Jack Rucker stepped in to portray that villain, Guy de Vere. Lisa was Grendel's mother - oops, um - I mean Guy de Vere's mother. Sir Mulch was, as always, our hero. And dear Melissa Kuhlmann was his ever supportive, but mortified, sis. It was very nice, to quote Mary Kate. Encircling candles, velvetine brown cloth, dirgeful notes. All that make a crow puff with pleasure. And, it was only, like, seven minutes. So, there you go.

Miss Agniel followed after with her wonderful Slow Children Playing. She was the highlight of the evening.

Chris Jones popped in at the end with some road ramblings of places in between, which tied in that whole Nuance thing.

And the spareroom made over 200 bucks, so all went as planned, if not better.

Beginning in my month of December, we're going to begin the initial writing process of our next show, to be performed at StageLeft in June. Melissa K, mulch, myself, Miss Leezy and her man, Dave will all brainstorm and imagine the last days of the young Fanny Hooe, a lady who visited her sister and the men of Fort Wilkins back in the 1840's. It shall be a woeful tale set in the wilderness of Michigan's upper peninsula. We're very honored that Fanny reached her fingers out to us on our trip to the tip and wants her tale to be told by the likes of GreyZelda. We shall try to do the tale justice, but will insist that some eeriness come through. We'll let you know how the process is going. This will be a gigantic project for us, one that we're excited to start. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your holiday seasons,
crow z.