Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thimbleberries . ..

The Thimbleberry Gallows is under way and I'm much delighted about how swell the process should be. We have assembled a wonderful cast of critters - Miss Brenda Barrie as the uncomparable disappearing trick that she is . .. . Fanny Hooe, ladies and gentlemen!!! The ambidextrous Thom Sigsby as the mine-wandering, philosophical Daniel Ruggles. Ms. Melissa Kuhlmann as Detta Ruggles - Detta, the dour, the sour, the sister flower, the sistah with a kick! of honey. And, last but not least, back by popular demand from the land of the Spartans . . . . Mr. Tommy Gordon!!!!! Kermit says: Yayyyyyy and waves his arms about! Tom Gordon. As Corbett Wallace. He has all the nasty lines.

And we've got Sarah Stec, the graphic designer extraordinaire.

Julie Ballard, the moneyshot lighting designer. A do-it-yourselfer, if I've ever seen one. And I have! I think it's becoming a requirement for GreyZelda, actually.

Good times will be had by all!!! The only one we're waiting on is Ms. Lisa Wilson who will be making her debut on the darkside - our side. She will be assistant directing upon her return from Spain - we're waiting for a bottle of the green fairy's juice because GreyZelda loves it as the bee-zee loves nectar.

And, we're hoping to travel north as the geese fly to Copper Harbor with the whole kit and caboodle for some good quality play time.

Sir Mulch has written beautful words.

I'm so excited.

L. Crow