Thursday, May 31, 2007

GreyZelda Announces 2008 Season

Hello, friends -

Here it is!!!!

The third show will probably be The Mystery of Irma Vep or an original piece written by a new playwright. We've yet to decide for sure. So, if you're a playwright and you'd like to submit a play for consideration, please let us know!

GreyZelda Announces 2008 Season


CHICAGO - The GreyZelda Theatre Group, NFP would like to formally announce our 2008 season that we look forward to sharing with Chicagoland audiences. The season will revolve around collaborations with multi-media artists nationwide and will continue GreyZelda's commitment to great literature and experimentation.

A View from the Bridge
by Arthur Miller
January 3 - Feb 2, 2008
Stage Left Theatre
Directed by Chris Riter

A View from the Bridge tells the story of Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn longshoreman, whose desire for his adult niece leads to disaster in his community and home. GreyZelda will work with a New York filmmaker to move Miller's play into our new millenium, giving the work a fresh spin and making it immediately recognizable to audiences becoming more and more obsessed with the media's parasitic view of tragedies.

The Skriker
by Caryl Churchill
Spring 2008
Directed by Rebecca Zellar

The play tells the story of the Skriker, "a shapeshifter and death portent", as it pursues and stalks two young women in London. Churchill's text is rich, moving and made for those who love difficult and challenging works. This will be Zellar's second time directing the piece and she will be incorporating the talents of dancers, gymnasts, aerial artists, etc to create an underworld seeping into the present day.

Third Show - TBA
Fall/Winter 2008

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theatre Award!

I am not at all surprised to announce that the first ever winner of the Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theatre Award goes to everyone's favorite theatre company, The House!

Congratulations, you wacky people you.

The criteria for the award was ... your theatre company had to have been in existence for at least three years and not more than ten. The company had to be a member of the League and also had to provide certain information including budget, marketing info, history, mission, letters of recommendation and what the company would do with the money.

GreyZelda was nominated for the award and member Lisa Wilson and musician Kristen Strezo wrote wonderful letters for their consideration but our l'il theatre company wasn't moved forward into the final eight that members could vote on. I had a distinct feeling after dropping our little packet off for consideration that The House would win. I wish I could have placed a bet. The final eight were:


We're League members for all the little good that's done our small theatre company (each year the renewal comes up and each year we wonder if it's worth it - it still hasn't proved to be that great on the small theatre end, but we're patient people however pessimistic we might appear) and were able to vote for the winner. We voted for the Gift Theatre. They're located in our new neighborhood and seem to have an interesting body of work to their name. They start with a 'G'. Ah, well. Maybe next year!

What's amazing though, folks, is ... when we found out that we wouldn't be a part of the final eight and thought that particular window was closed ... a financial door was opened from a private donor allowing us to move forward with our next show! Wonderfully wonderful. Season annoucnment coming any minute!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We're Almost There - You Wanna Go for a Ride?

Hi, GreyZeldaland creatures ...
We're almost there. The season is on the tip of our tongues ... one show is 99.9% confirmed and the other needs to solidify itself in our coartistic directors' guts ... Chris and I are the coartistic directors if you're new to the program.

Pretty cool. Major announcements are coming soon with a few press releases to follow.


To all those who have ever worked or never worked with GreyZelda and were kinda-sorta intrigued and wondered what we're all about ... now's a time to really come on forward and say, "Hey! I'm interested and available! Here's what I do - how can I be of assistance?" You can write to us at and we can start talking about this and that ... we do like to talk, yes indeed. And, we'd like to get to know you if you'd like to get to know us.

Be well and stay tuned.