Monday, September 15, 2008

A Post of Little to No Theatre Content

As many of you know, we're on a baby-rearin' hiatus. The next GreyZelda related post will probably contain a picture of said baby (Clara Virginia Riter's her name) wearing a GreyZelda onesie or t-shirt for she has taken center stage in our lives. Season announcements are going forth into the world, but GreyZelda's taking a break. I can't say what we'll be when we return or if we'll be or if we'll join forces with others or recreate our image to a whole other theatre company.

The future is gaping wide open, but is quite focused on a little girl who is currently sleeping in her bouncer alongside me as I type.

I'm not at all interested in getting into theatre debates with theatre bloggers or writing long winded essays decrying the state of the stage. To be quite honest, I find the whole darn thing pretty lame and lacking in life content and force. Everybody takes everything so personally ... if someone writes something complaining about this and that, all the other bloggers read it to mean that that person must be talking about them specifically. Ah, theatre people ... thy vanity is laughable and ever so predictable.

So, I choose to hang with a wee thing who takes the world day to day and is experiencing firsts everyday ... she doesn't repeat herself, thank the gods.

So ... someday ... maybe we'll do something again. Until that day, keep on creating, avoid stifling others, avoid the negative nellies and the noids and remember to breathe. And smell those flowers.