Monday, November 06, 2006

GreyZelda Annual Meeting

We had our annual meeting last night and Chris, Tom Gordon, Melissa Kuhlmann, Heath Hays, Kim Katona, Lisa Wilson, Derek Jarvis, Meredith Lyons and I were in attendance. Rebekah Ward-Hays joined us after a little bit.

We discussed how this last year has gone ... we appointed Derek Jarvis in the early months of 2006 as our business director and he got a lot of our major paper work taken care of. Sarah Stec led us in creating a new branding campaign (logos, bookmarks, website, etc.) We performed two shows in 2006 - Desire Under the Elms and The Scarlet Letter. We also had a successful fundraiser at Four Moons which helped raise money for Scarlet. Financially, we haven't broken even and moving into 2007, we'll have to take that factor into consideration. Chris and I have paid for the majority of our productions out of pocket and that really drove us into the ground this year and how we'll have to be more creative in producing next year in our shows. However, we felt really great about the accomplishments and completed goals we were able to acheive in 2006.

We discussed potential show proposals for the 2007 season. We'll be having a fundraising/grants discussion meeting in the next couple of months, as well.

We also discussed some theatrical breaking of bread events that we'd like to have with other theatre companies in town. More news to come soon, dear theatre company friends ... we're really looking forward to this.

Meredith Lyons and Derek Jarvis stepped down from their duties as Marketing Director and Business Director, respectively. To be honest, we had a feeling that this was coming so weren't surpised. Derek has another theatre company, Promethean, that he has created and his first obligations go to them. We told him that he'll always have a place with GreyZelda if he ever wants it. He's still going to assist with business undertakings in the interim but we're going to start looking to fill those roles immediately. Meredith did a great job with our fundraiser, but the other responisibilities were too overwhelming to her with her professional schedule and personal obligations.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about those roles, please let us know! And, if you're interested in becoming involved with our theatre company just to be involved, we'd love to talk further with you about that, as well!

We really hope that GreyZelda will become more of an ensemble based theatre company that could allow itself to exist whether or not Chris and I were here to lead it, so that's going to be one of our major goals this year ... encouraging our members to really claim this company in whatever way they deem fit. Make it the superpower that it's longing to be! =)

There's more news to come, our dear Readers, but I just wanted to give you the breakdown.

Yours in all things creative,