Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Line Up, Ladies and Gents

I'm sure you've been running to your computer every morning upon waking, skipping your coffee, teeth brushing, constitutionals, what have you, just to check out our blog to see the list of the Ubergarden performers. Well, today's your lucky day. No need to thank me. Seriously, it's cool. My pleasure.

Here we go. Hold on to your slippers.

5 o'clock - Dave Lykins and the Crimebusters. Or, as I call them this morning, DL and the Rowdy Roddy Crimebusters. A certain founding member and former GZ co-artistic director plays bass for this fine band of musicians. Dave Lykins has acted with us and is an all around favorite friend. And, Phil, the drummer is helping out on the Ubergarden technical end. All while making a big, badass noise.

6 o'clock - The Bindlepunks, featuring Max Koknar, will be joining us, live, from San Francisco. There's going to be fire. And a talk with the Dark Lord himself, Old Mr. Scratch. GZ got to know Mr. Max via "The Twitter" and he's a part of the #2amt crew that I love so much.

6:15 o'clock - Jamie Prahl and Morgan Manasa will be conducting a Horror Readers Theatre session. Ms. Jamie was last seen in The Skriker and Ms. Morgan has been a supporter and fan of the company for years now. They're both swell, beautiful, and full of wit.

6:30 o'clock - Special Storefront Theatre Guests. It's a secret. Teehee.

7 o'clock - Mr. Max and the Bindlepunks, Part Two.

7:15 o'clock - Another visit from a Special Storefront Theatre. Woohoo!

7:30 o'clock - Mr. Eric Ziegenhagen will be joining us to share his most excellent music. Again, I got to know Eric through Twitter and the #2amt crew. He's kind, thoughtful, succinct, and full of revolutionary ideas.

8 o'clock - Max: Part Three. Too awesome.

8:15 o'clock - First Show Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:30 o'clock - Second Show Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 o'clock - Scar-y Stories to Tell in the Dark

10 o'clock - The #2amt Hour.

And, scattered in between, like glorious flotsam and jetsam, will be musical performances, scenes, karaoke numbers, drinking games and conversations with our online viewers, as well as GreyZelda members telling folks about the fundraiser, our company's history, etc, etc, etc.

I've been telling you it's gonna be quite a night. I speak no lies.

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