Saturday, February 21, 2009

Future Season Suggestions

Hey there, fearless reader(s) -

We hope you're doing swell and enjoying 2009 ... we're still taking it easy and are focusing on rearin' the little crow girl, Clara. You can read more about day to day happenings with Clara at Rebecca's blog, Terroristic Optimism, should you wish. She's pretty neat, if we do say so ourselves. And we do.

We've got a couple of ideas for future productions being considered. Yes, William Shakespeare, The Gentleman is totally being discussed. Stay tuned for a reading announcement. It's gold, Jerry. Gold. We also have another comedy in mind, too ... my, how lighthearted we're getting! A baby joins the ranks and all you want to do is make the people smile! Huh.

We'd like to open up the floor to see what you might like to see. What production would you like GreyZelda to put up? How do you think it would fit with our mission and general aesthetic? Are you a director with an idea? Are you a writer looking to find a theatre for your show? Are you an actor dying to act in your dream play? A designer with a grand scheme? We dunno. Talk to us. Let us know your thoughts.

You know who we'd really love to hear from? A composer looking to collaborate ... that's what we'd really like for Christmas, we think.

So, yes ... we're in thinktank mode. We're looking forward to brainstorming with you.