Monday, December 26, 2005

Derek Jarvis - the blog king extraordinaire

Derek helped us with all thing theatrical when we put up "One Flea Spare" a while back. He was a great asset to the company and will hopefully help us out this spring when we put up Desire Under the Elms in some way or another. check out his blog!


Hello -

My blog-pointing-out continues with the following:

The first -

Meredith Lyons pointed me in the direction of this bobble headed site. It's much fun. She knows these people who know these people . . . they say many intelligent, witty things and she even has a cartoon head of her own complete with pigtails. Meredith was Grete in Metamorphosis and she's a dear friend.

Check it out. Good people.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Here is the main website for our friends, Robert Filippo and Kristen Strezo, the musicians that make up SheandHe.

You'll be able to listen to some of their music, read their blog, and find out more about this wonderful duo. They have helped create music for our last three shows and their friendship is invaluable to us. They're two of the most creative people we know and we love them.

Goss Country

Our friends, Dave and Lori Goss, have a very nice website which includes a blog that Dave updates every day religiously. I wish I could be so good. Hey, I'm at two days in a row right now. It's how I was when I was little. I tried so hard to do the whole Dear, Diary thing. I even called it Dear, Cody because I named everything Cody then. My imaginary horse, Ken dolls, dogs, kittens, you name it, it was Cody.

Anyway, Dave Goss is an old college friend who has been associated with WNEP Theatre here in Chicago. He's truly one of the outright nicest people I've met and he's consistently "been there" for me and mine throughout the years whether we're seeing each other often or every few months or every few years. Hopefully, he'll be in our next production of The Homecoming if the cards play out right. Lori is fantabulous as well. We are getting to know her and like what we're getting to know. They're expecting a baby girl, soon, by the name of Maddy, which is very exciting.

And, speaking of babies . . .. GreyZelda, Crow, and Mulch would like to announce the birth of one Ethan Tucker Amburgey!!!!!!! Play the trumpets! Smash the cymbals (but not too loud, he's probably sleeping.)!!!! Throw the confetti!!!! My bestest friend, Emily and her guy, also a dear friend, CW had their first boy and I can't be more happy about it. He was born on December 6th in Hillsdale, MI. I can't wait to officially meet his acquaintance. Christmas can't come soon enough! And, I might call him ET, after a very cute extraterrestrial. Emily and CW might not love it, but . . . . we will see, we will see.

OK. I hope to let you know of good blogs to check out recommended by GreyZelda. Goss Country. Check it out.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chillin' like a Villain

GreyZelda has a new computer. I love this keyboard. It's snaps to very nicely. Thank you, Charles.

We've just been nesting down for the winter, but the winter's much fun. There are inches of white stuff on the ground which I like to tromp through.

Mulch and I are starting to assemble the necessary pieces for our next production which will be the Homecoming by Harold Pinter. We're seeing what actors may be interested, secured the space at the Oracle Theatre on Broadway, and will soon talk to our group of designers. Bzzzz. Bzzzzz.

I'm also starting work on adapting a well known piece of literature, but I want the suspense to build before we decide to unveil it. It's beautiful. Thorny as a rose bush placed upon a scaffold bearing its singular creation. It should go up this summer and we're going to look for a place soon.

I also want to start a branding initiative and we're going to be looking for help on the advertising front soon. We'll hold a meeting in our very chilly Ravenswood space. We're trying to get the heat on. People's Gas sucks. Criminal, I think, to keep warmth from people. And we don't even live there. What of the families who are faced with freezing cold conditions? It's taken us three weeks to get this thing rolling with them and we have renters who are having to make due with space heaters. Crap.

Anyway, I must prepare for a Manpower Holiday party in Gurnee. We'll just bundle up together like two birds of a feather on our sleigh ride by way of the interstate.

Talk to you soon, gentle readers,

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A letter from Crow's grandfather

my god I'm impressed to think I would know personally theatre personalities in positions of authority. my wife and I congratulate you on your achievements and have agreed to donate the sum of $30.00. I do hope such a large sum does not disrupt your way of life.

our location makes our attendance impractical though we travel on occasion. we are considering buying a horse to be named "occasion". Perhaps we shall encounter you during the holiday season, I do hope so.

our very highest regards,
Grampy and Grammy Brown
william/virginia brown

this machine keeps making modifications to this note

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Insanity in October

So . . . our next production is getting closer on the horizon every day . . . I'm acting in this one as Mrs. Mary Girard and it's been a pleasure getting back to the bright side of life. I love the dark side, as well, but it's fun slummin' around in different aspects, as it were. And, hey, as you can see to the left to the left and right, I figured out how to add an image. Super cool.

Thank you to everyone who attended our fundraiser, Black, White and GreyZelda. We ended up making close to $400.00, which will assist in buying the rights to Insanity of Mary Girard and a couple of the costumes. It was a swell time. We hung up Steven T. Wirth's thoughts of The Idiot, which I wanted to peruse, but didn't get a chance to because apparently talking and talking and more talking is what I chose to do that evening. We also performed the first part of the show and She and He had their debut. Heath Hays and Kim Katona hung up photography and we had silent auctions and stuff. We had found a fabulous bar in our alley, so we were able to officiate the wine pouring and beer giving with it. Again, we had a very nice time, so thanks to all who attended for making that so.

I've just been working on my lines and rehearsing and working on getting press releases out and such. Getting ready to head to Robert and Kristen's for their engagement party. Oh yeah! and it's Mulch's and my anniversary! 6 years, baby cakes!

Ok, my mind isn't very creative this eve, I think because it's been consuming words and making them permanent indentations. I bid you good evening, sirs and madams.

Come see the show! It opens October 12th! Limited seating so make reservations. Prepare to be scared, cats.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Few Trivialities

Say it don't spray it, gentle reader: rain. Say it slow in long refreshing enjoyment, raaaaiiinn. Halelujah, I been jonesing for some of the old precip. Maybe it's because when it's all hot and sticky like I don't feel like partaking in the old bloody-red-after ( no, actually I do, it's drinking I don't feel like doing in the hot ). I have Crow insisting that she perform a monologue for me while I write, as though I'm really capable of writing this and listening attentively to her at the same time. I politely nod.
So pilgrims, if'n ye haven't heard, there's a GreyZelda message board in the world now, so be sure to sign yourselves up and hoot and hollar with the rest of us. You can share your profound and irrelevant espousals on such matters as Chili ( good with waffles or not? ), why it matters to enforce table manners with vigilence, or, would you like to go to the GreyZelda fundraiser: Black, White and GreyZelda to enjoy adult refreshments, a night of theatre, visual art from lithographs to photographs, conversation of the random and dare I say, beligerent, to the sophisticated and abstract. Yes, that is what you want to do ( your eyes are getting heavy, you hear my voice in the depths of your subconscious mind ) Yes, that is what I want to do. Wonderful!
Out here in the concrete prairie things are moving nicely. I'm beginning to spin The Insanity of Mary Girard on my potters wheel and by the time she gets to our potters field, hopefully, that old gal will have been processed with her majesties highest grace. I have opted for an all female cast in my undertaking of this, for multiple reasons, to be discussed later. I like my casting possibilities for this show and will need a cast of 8, but alas gentle reader, if plans deceive me again as they are prone to do, you will see my flag waving for auditions. Therefore keep the antennae up.
The show will be done at the GreyZelda studios know what....I'm not gonna tell you anymore about it. Damnit all, if I don't have a way of divulging all of my info at once. Crow says I have a propensity for giving away endings prematurely....You can take that as you will.
Anyhow, gentle reader, a few things I'm into right now: High on Fire ( pure metal majesty ), Built To Spills version of Cortez the Killer ( 20 minutes long ), revisting The Stand from my days as a lad, The Dogs of God by Pinckney Benedict, the pitching of Carlos Zambrano, vodka gimlets, Tetris, exercise, the Outdoor Games, driving my Jeep, bleach ( goddamn good for killing germs ).
Alright fellow canaanites, this is C. Salmon, Man of Mulch signing off. Reminding you that dreaming is your own form of self-hypnosis. Stay tuned for further announcements...


Black, White, and GreyZelda

Our first official fundraiser is coming up on September 17th, 2005 at our rehearsal space located on Ravenswood. I'm excited. Check the site for more details. I've always felt a little weird about asking people for money, but now realize that I'm not asking . . . GreyZelda is asking. A great distinction. GreyZelda is more than all of us. GreyZelda holds us accountable for our creativity and decisions. GreyZelda should be a cult, really.

Mulch and I are going to come up with a list of questions soon, as to what makes a GreyZelda person. Some of the questions will go a little sumpin' like this:

You know you're with GreyZelda if you favorite tea is:
a) Lipton
b) Green
c) Earl Grey


You know you're with GreyZelda if your favorite parrot is a:
a)Blue and Gold Macaw
b) Cockatiel
c) African Grey

Anyway . . . you get the picture. It's silly, but very Causey.

How are things in general for us. Haven't heard from LZ in a spell. Crow has a problem with cawing and pecking sometimes. She's should just shut up and eat . . . um . . . Mulch is on the job hunt. He left the man's SBC. He should check out Manpower! We shall see what we shall see. Jobs schmobs. . . . well, here's a quote from a play Crow herself is thinking of acting in. I'm Crow. I'm going to stop speaking in the third person.

"Who gives a damn about convention? Not me. The world isn't going to suffocate me. That's what this flapper's all about. Climb to the top and live high. And if the fine's a heavy one, what the hell!"

That's a line spoken by Mrs. Zelda Fitzgerald in The Last Flapper by William Luce, based on the writings of Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm thinking of doing it.

Chris is going to be starting the direction of the Insanity of Mary Girard and he wants an all female cast. Yippee!!! We also received a submission that we're very excited about from a local playwright. More news coming soon.

Anyway, you all rock. I love the rain coming down to wash out this intense, untalkable heat that's been hanging out.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The future and Fortuna

GreyZelda will soon be on a war path. A friendly, professional warpath, to be sure, but a warpath nonetheless. She's gained the confidence she needs and now wants to enter the competition. We're going to have a meeting after The Thimbleberry Gallows closes discussing a marketing/business scheme that will get GreyZelda out there where she needs to be.

We're gaining in ranks. I can safely say that we have a nice group of members and collaborators. Mulch and I are not an island - although being stranded on an island with just my mulchman, kitties, and the greyzelda passion would make me very happy indeed - and we're ready for help and ideas from others in how to get this train rollin'.

Sarah Stec is working on a logo that will begin to imprint itself on Chicago's accepting legions.

Sonia Kuhlmann, Melissa's mother extraordinaire is going to help us come up with a business plan.

Mulch and myself are going to go to a nonprofit meeting in August to learn things and get ourselves on more of a plan.

And our other peeps are going to contribute many ideas to make this puppy roll.

We're hoping to have a fundraiser this summer and more details are coming soon. What I secretly would like is to have a 24 hour performance based date. Maybe a GreyZelda retrospective beginning from the beginning - Mulch and I performing Cowboy Mouth or Outcry (a never performed idea); followed by a few scenes from Trestle (maybe we can reunite some forces; woohoo!); some One Flea Spare, some Metamorphosis, some Robert and Kristen, some Anna Agniel and Slow Children Playing, some Thimbleberry. And who knows what else? Either way, we could have a really cool time.

Lisa works with someone who is good at planning fundraisers and I'd be more than willing to give said someone 10-15% of what we make - since we never had what we'll make in the first place. Very cool.

And! We now have our bank account set up. Sheesh. It was so easy to do but I am a procrastinator - won the distinction in high school, actually, with my dear friend, Emerly - and my beloved gets sucked into that zone with me.

I'm going to reflesh the website one of these days, too. It could be very spectacular, I think, and I'm going to try to make that happen.

Please support us in any way, dear readers. Spirit is always appreciated, dear readers, but anything physical you can can do would be appreciated. From 10 bucks to lights to costumes to volunteering to help with our next show to, to, to ... anything goes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello because it's been a while since I put a new blog down.

You rock,
crow - I like all things sparkly and shiny.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

One more week . ..

So ... one more week to this beast ... this almost albatross . . .

Ah, Fanny Hooe - a hand that reached out and grabbed out throats. It's been an experience creating this from scratch. We've not had much of an audience. Just as you've not had much of an audience in Copper Harbor. These upper peninsula spirits . . . they're strong. You forget about them when here in the midwest, but . . . they're there. As the stone gods in West Virginia. And we've brought them with us for this show. The tree breathers. The ice dripping to rushing water. The Loons speaking up. And just the silence. Something we can't have in Chicago.

We have one more week. I do hope the people show up to prove this craven projection wrong. We're happy, but polar.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

The North Country

L. Crow here, dear readers ...

Woke up this morning to find a request for Thimbleberry updates. The show is becoming . . .fleshing itself out and I love it when it gets to this point. It becomes its own creature . . . Thimbleberry Gallows is beautiful, terrifying, dare I say it (Mothers - pull in your breaths and cover your children's ears) erotic, and ever so much more. That's why we haven't done much to the blogspot and website and such . . . we've got our faces smeared with Thimbleberry jam!

The cast is exceptional and a sheer pleasure to work with. The Man of Mulch has dropped the pen, and stepped in to be Henry Dobbs, for this inaugural production. Why? You might ask ... why not? I say. GreyZelda insists on setting a standard, an environment that all can be calm in. Safe in. A place where creativity reigns supreme. When guests join the process and don't bow down to a little thing called imagination, well . . . GreyZelda rears her bonneted head and moves quickly and assuredly, so ... the Mulch, once again, is the Man. And has allowed Henry to "breathe unsolicited", to quote the show.

There have been challenges that have come our way, to be sure, during the process of our little play. And we have stepped up and maneuvered our way through them. The situations, actually, have simply reminded us of what we've stood for all along and forgot about because we've incorporated additional creative help . . . I do firmly believe that a show needs all elements to work together harmoniously in order to be a success. A good time should be had by all those involved and if GreyZelda isn't the girl for you, please find something to your liking. Because she and we do what we please, what gives us pleasure, and in that enjoyment, we create something that we're proud of and that, even if we did it on the streets or in our living room, we would still be equally proud of it.

And we have that show, ladies and gentleman!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that the Group traversed up to Copper Harbor just last weekend? We spent some quality time in the Fort Wilkins stomping grounds and Kim Katona took some beautiful photos which will be premiering soon. The cast was able to research and be their characters in the actual environment and see how they would have lived. Talk to us after the show and we'll tell you all about. The pictures will be on display, as well, in the StageLeft lobby.

Heath Hays, our set designer, and Mulch will be leaving tomorrow morning at 5 in the AM!!! to pick the trees that will be sacrificed for the set. I'm excited about the arbors joining us.

Julie will be doing our lights next Sunday and the illumination will be lovely. Lisa has been invaluable being our assistant director and has been doing an exquisite job of it.

He and She, those maybe Hedonists, have created a soundtrack that will make your heart pound.

And, I'm just happy and accepting of this new GreyZelda development. I love it. And, that's all I ever want from a show. It'll continue to become and become and become and I'm honored to have the people working and sharing this show with us. I'm going to a couple army surplus stores, hopefully tomorrow, and a place along the lines of a Victoria's secret, as well, to add the final completions to the costumes, which GreyZelda decided to do after all. We had a girl make us a really nice crinoline, that Detta will wear (that's Melissa Kuhlmann to the outside world). It's already become dirtied, thank God!!!! If that little sewer, or seamstress, I suppose (sewer looks like, well, a sewer) had had her way, that crinoline would have never known the beauty of the wilderness and what a little dirt can do as far as accesorizing goes. Sheesh!!!! But, that's a whole other blog in itself. And Crow agrees with GreyZelda. It's done and over with . . .it was, essentially a lite sneeze in the process, which has since cleared itself up. I think you're going to like the costumes, folks. I sure do!

I'll write more soon . . . did you know that the Ravens up north are sons of guns? When I was walking by myself, through a trail running around Lake Fanny Hooe, I watched a triad of those big black birds play Rook of the Tree. They would try to push each other off of the tip of gigantic pines, repeatedly. It was silent but you could hear their mutters and the flapping of their wings. It looked like fun.

Caw to you, my cousins,
the littler, but just as tough,

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Thimbleberries . ..

The Thimbleberry Gallows is under way and I'm much delighted about how swell the process should be. We have assembled a wonderful cast of critters - Miss Brenda Barrie as the uncomparable disappearing trick that she is . .. . Fanny Hooe, ladies and gentlemen!!! The ambidextrous Thom Sigsby as the mine-wandering, philosophical Daniel Ruggles. Ms. Melissa Kuhlmann as Detta Ruggles - Detta, the dour, the sour, the sister flower, the sistah with a kick! of honey. And, last but not least, back by popular demand from the land of the Spartans . . . . Mr. Tommy Gordon!!!!! Kermit says: Yayyyyyy and waves his arms about! Tom Gordon. As Corbett Wallace. He has all the nasty lines.

And we've got Sarah Stec, the graphic designer extraordinaire.

Julie Ballard, the moneyshot lighting designer. A do-it-yourselfer, if I've ever seen one. And I have! I think it's becoming a requirement for GreyZelda, actually.

Good times will be had by all!!! The only one we're waiting on is Ms. Lisa Wilson who will be making her debut on the darkside - our side. She will be assistant directing upon her return from Spain - we're waiting for a bottle of the green fairy's juice because GreyZelda loves it as the bee-zee loves nectar.

And, we're hoping to travel north as the geese fly to Copper Harbor with the whole kit and caboodle for some good quality play time.

Sir Mulch has written beautful words.

I'm so excited.

L. Crow