Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the Ubergarden!

Welcome to the Ubergarden! We're going to kick off festivities at 5 pm CST today so please join us below. Periodically, we'll have other folks from around the nation join in, so we'll share their links on the ustream channel or you can find their streams directly under ours. Feel free to hang out here for announcements, follow @greyzelda or @rzcrow on twitter, or like GreyZelda on facebook.

Nice to see you! Make sure you join us in the chat window.

Here's our live Ubergarden Stream (If you're unable to click play here, please head on over to our ustream site:


Chat with us!

Old Mr. Scratch (Click here to be redirected to the ustream site.)

Ask Mr. Old Scratch all your burning questions!

Click here around 8:30 to chat with one of our upcoming season's playwrights:

You can chat with this amiable chap right here:

To donate to GreyZelda, please visit our paypal site or email us at for further information:

Thank you!

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