Sunday, June 26, 2005

One more week . ..

So ... one more week to this beast ... this almost albatross . . .

Ah, Fanny Hooe - a hand that reached out and grabbed out throats. It's been an experience creating this from scratch. We've not had much of an audience. Just as you've not had much of an audience in Copper Harbor. These upper peninsula spirits . . . they're strong. You forget about them when here in the midwest, but . . . they're there. As the stone gods in West Virginia. And we've brought them with us for this show. The tree breathers. The ice dripping to rushing water. The Loons speaking up. And just the silence. Something we can't have in Chicago.

We have one more week. I do hope the people show up to prove this craven projection wrong. We're happy, but polar.


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