Sunday, December 11, 2005

Goss Country

Our friends, Dave and Lori Goss, have a very nice website which includes a blog that Dave updates every day religiously. I wish I could be so good. Hey, I'm at two days in a row right now. It's how I was when I was little. I tried so hard to do the whole Dear, Diary thing. I even called it Dear, Cody because I named everything Cody then. My imaginary horse, Ken dolls, dogs, kittens, you name it, it was Cody.

Anyway, Dave Goss is an old college friend who has been associated with WNEP Theatre here in Chicago. He's truly one of the outright nicest people I've met and he's consistently "been there" for me and mine throughout the years whether we're seeing each other often or every few months or every few years. Hopefully, he'll be in our next production of The Homecoming if the cards play out right. Lori is fantabulous as well. We are getting to know her and like what we're getting to know. They're expecting a baby girl, soon, by the name of Maddy, which is very exciting.

And, speaking of babies . . .. GreyZelda, Crow, and Mulch would like to announce the birth of one Ethan Tucker Amburgey!!!!!!! Play the trumpets! Smash the cymbals (but not too loud, he's probably sleeping.)!!!! Throw the confetti!!!! My bestest friend, Emily and her guy, also a dear friend, CW had their first boy and I can't be more happy about it. He was born on December 6th in Hillsdale, MI. I can't wait to officially meet his acquaintance. Christmas can't come soon enough! And, I might call him ET, after a very cute extraterrestrial. Emily and CW might not love it, but . . . . we will see, we will see.

OK. I hope to let you know of good blogs to check out recommended by GreyZelda. Goss Country. Check it out.


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