Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The future and Fortuna

GreyZelda will soon be on a war path. A friendly, professional warpath, to be sure, but a warpath nonetheless. She's gained the confidence she needs and now wants to enter the competition. We're going to have a meeting after The Thimbleberry Gallows closes discussing a marketing/business scheme that will get GreyZelda out there where she needs to be.

We're gaining in ranks. I can safely say that we have a nice group of members and collaborators. Mulch and I are not an island - although being stranded on an island with just my mulchman, kitties, and the greyzelda passion would make me very happy indeed - and we're ready for help and ideas from others in how to get this train rollin'.

Sarah Stec is working on a logo that will begin to imprint itself on Chicago's accepting legions.

Sonia Kuhlmann, Melissa's mother extraordinaire is going to help us come up with a business plan.

Mulch and myself are going to go to a nonprofit meeting in August to learn things and get ourselves on more of a plan.

And our other peeps are going to contribute many ideas to make this puppy roll.

We're hoping to have a fundraiser this summer and more details are coming soon. What I secretly would like is to have a 24 hour performance based date. Maybe a GreyZelda retrospective beginning from the beginning - Mulch and I performing Cowboy Mouth or Outcry (a never performed idea); followed by a few scenes from Trestle (maybe we can reunite some forces; woohoo!); some One Flea Spare, some Metamorphosis, some Robert and Kristen, some Anna Agniel and Slow Children Playing, some Thimbleberry. And who knows what else? Either way, we could have a really cool time.

Lisa works with someone who is good at planning fundraisers and I'd be more than willing to give said someone 10-15% of what we make - since we never had what we'll make in the first place. Very cool.

And! We now have our bank account set up. Sheesh. It was so easy to do but I am a procrastinator - won the distinction in high school, actually, with my dear friend, Emerly - and my beloved gets sucked into that zone with me.

I'm going to reflesh the website one of these days, too. It could be very spectacular, I think, and I'm going to try to make that happen.

Please support us in any way, dear readers. Spirit is always appreciated, dear readers, but anything physical you can can do would be appreciated. From 10 bucks to lights to costumes to volunteering to help with our next show to, to, to ... anything goes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello because it's been a while since I put a new blog down.

You rock,
crow - I like all things sparkly and shiny.


steven wirth said...

Even though fortuna prevented me from seeing the latest (and I suspect greatest)show, I would love to help you guys get a new website going. I can do that; free of charge of course. Take care dudes. I'm serious. New website; I'll work on that. Peace out.
steven t.

steven t said...

Actually, another idea I have is to publish in book form a couple of your plays. I have many ideas on how to do that economically without compromising the book aesthetically. Greyzelda presents, "Three Plays" or some other wild azz thing. I think that would be a good project, too. Let's do lunch.
steven t.