Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Black, White, and GreyZelda

Our first official fundraiser is coming up on September 17th, 2005 at our rehearsal space located on Ravenswood. I'm excited. Check the site for more details. I've always felt a little weird about asking people for money, but now realize that I'm not asking . . . GreyZelda is asking. A great distinction. GreyZelda is more than all of us. GreyZelda holds us accountable for our creativity and decisions. GreyZelda should be a cult, really.

Mulch and I are going to come up with a list of questions soon, as to what makes a GreyZelda person. Some of the questions will go a little sumpin' like this:

You know you're with GreyZelda if you favorite tea is:
a) Lipton
b) Green
c) Earl Grey


You know you're with GreyZelda if your favorite parrot is a:
a)Blue and Gold Macaw
b) Cockatiel
c) African Grey

Anyway . . . you get the picture. It's silly, but very Causey.

How are things in general for us. Haven't heard from LZ in a spell. Crow has a problem with cawing and pecking sometimes. She's should just shut up and eat . . . um . . . Mulch is on the job hunt. He left the man's SBC. He should check out Manpower! We shall see what we shall see. Jobs schmobs. . . . well, here's a quote from a play Crow herself is thinking of acting in. I'm Crow. I'm going to stop speaking in the third person.

"Who gives a damn about convention? Not me. The world isn't going to suffocate me. That's what this flapper's all about. Climb to the top and live high. And if the fine's a heavy one, what the hell!"

That's a line spoken by Mrs. Zelda Fitzgerald in The Last Flapper by William Luce, based on the writings of Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald. I'm thinking of doing it.

Chris is going to be starting the direction of the Insanity of Mary Girard and he wants an all female cast. Yippee!!! We also received a submission that we're very excited about from a local playwright. More news coming soon.

Anyway, you all rock. I love the rain coming down to wash out this intense, untalkable heat that's been hanging out.


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