Monday, September 20, 2010

The Ubergarden Will Answer Questions .... Now

Reader: Ubergarden, I didn't know you could answer questions ... that's amazing!

Ubergarden: That's not a question.

R: True. So, what the heck are you?

U: I'm an event of epic proportions. I'm bodacious with possibilities. I'm outrageously out of control. I'm -

R: (interrupting) Ah, yes, that's great, but ... what do you do? Other than share your conflated ego?

U: That's what makes me Uber, suckas.

R: Huh.

U: That's right ... NEXT!!!!!

Reader 2: I'm still not sure what you're going for ... can you give me the details?

U: That I can do ... I'm happening Oct. 16th at the GreyZelda Pad. I'm going to be livestreaming to the ends of the World. I'm going to be hosting a gorgeous and Hell bound cast of mortals. There will be music playing in the bowels of the Earth. Singing. Dancing. Drinking. Fire. Talk. Next Question ...

Reader 3: I think I'm busy that night. Wish I could come, but ...

U: You can still tune in from anywhere. It'll be streaming. Live. You can tweet to me, email me, join the livestreaming chat, text, whatevs. I'm frightfully convenient. No more questions. Thank you. I (or one of the GreyZelda Uber reps) will be back to tell you more on the morrow. Good day.

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