Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sigh . ..

The lady crow here . . .

So, the SpareRoom has played its part in the process of Metamorphosis. For a little over two months, the Group created a show from a wonderful novella by Franz Kafka. We're unable to have the space the week before we open (heart grips in panic every other minute), due to a Butoh workshop that HAD, HAD, HAD to be conducted this very week!!!!!!! No, the workshop was not as flexible as it gets its movers to be, but like all things, GreyZelda is nothing, if not, a Plan B girl. So, Plan B turned out to be having the show as performance ready as possible. We've been doing some basic scene and monologue work the last couple of days, which is really great. Something I've not ever gotten to do as an actor, and I think it's excellent to work with the characters this far into it. Really roll around in the nitty-gritty.

There are lots of things to be accomplished in the next few days: must make programs!!!! must get all costumes!!!! Must send out press photos!!!! Must make press kits!!! Must break wall down and rebuild!!!! Must pass out posters!!!! Eeeeek. Must learn how to delegate, more like.

as the crow flies . . .

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