Saturday, August 21, 2004


Hello, folks.

Well, the reviews are coming in and it seems that people are becoming as big of fans as we are. Now, if we can just get the populace rolling in . . . our money bags are a bit tight and non-existant . . . and we were left with footing the majority of a bar bill this evening. Grrrrr. Money pisses me off. We're not doing this business for the moolah, but we're praying to break even . . . something that seems further and further in the distance. But, I go on.

I think this show is amazing. I watch it every evening from a different vantage/side and I fall in love with it over and over. The actors are phenomenal. Franz Kafka, to me, makes for a lovely evening. Robert's music is wonderful.

Anyway, please come, if you're reading this. Shut your computer down, give a call on the phone, and come hang out with us StageLeft. We're wanting to see you.

Take care, folks,
crow Jane

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