Tuesday, August 03, 2004

One Week and Counting.....

How do, kin folks and cow pokes? Mulch man here dropping the language and goings-on surrounding "Metamorphosis" and personal life. Overall, I would say the current environment in Greyzelda's house is one of frenetic, but not frantic, and diligent optimism. It's a crazy time, being the week before opening and all. We have a lot on our respective plates, what with tech coming up, costume acquisition ( the slow boat from China being slower than expected ), promoting, and polishing off Gregor. However, that insane rush really gets me off sometimes, that tension of; "...can we do it? are we on schedule? how can we adapt? " It's always exciting to create your own work, but to thread the artistic, technical, and administrative elements of this craft into your daily routine has almost a ritualistic sense to it. Everything you do causes forward momentum toward the destination. I really do believe that this show is going to have an impact. I believe there is an audience who grows weary of standard realism, or at least welcomes a change up. And it's true, that this play may somewhat cater to the Kafka afficianados of the world, but I feel it's crucial human elements will make it accessible to all.
I've grown a deep emotional connection with Gregor. My heart clinches when I ponder his sadness. It's exhausting physically and emotionally, and personally the most important artistic undertaking that I have ever endevoured to. I have Lady Crow to thank for letting me get to know him so closely.
On a casual note, things are okely dokely. I got my six month raise at work. The Cubbies finally have an All-Star shortstop, and I recently found my long lost Death Angel tape. Plus it's humid as hell in my apartment, ( e.g. the fungus is among us. ) Not really. Anywho, I believe there has got to be some kind of work that needs done. If not, theres Worlds Wildest Police Chases to be watched. Until next time campers, this is your humble narrator bidding adieu and,

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