Sunday, June 21, 2009

Online Book Club

I'm thinking of creating an online book club so that I could have discussions about great literature with friends near and far. I'm taking a look at some different online forums but if you, dear readers, have suggestions as to a good place to start, I'd love to hear it. Should we do the standard message board thing? Create a blog with a few different team members and we could have discussions in the comment section? Should we create a yahoo groups?

Let me know if you'd be interested and your preferred way of talking about something literary.

I think this will be fun. Slightly geeky, but, hell, I ain't ashamed of being a geek.

*Update: I formed a book club through google. Come join us!


Anonymous said...

I would suggest the message board over the blog, since people could create threads and comment rather than just one very long list of blog comments?

Is there a way to stay in the Google family? (Does Google HAVE message boards?)

jamie said...

I totally joined. :) Yay Geeks!

RebeccaZ said...

Awesome. Geeks are the bomb geekity.