Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's Next on the GreyZelda Front?

Heigh Ho, Kermit the Frog here ...

This blog is going through a personality crisis right now, but its moderator is pregnant so that probably makes sense. There's a blog here one day, then not here, then another one, then that one goes down ... sorry about that.

The GreyZelda Theatre Group will be taking an extended break for a spell as its cofounders and coartistic directors are preparing for the birth of a little girl who will be making her appearance at the end of August. We'll be having a celebratory BBQ on Saturday for the casts and crew of A View from the Bridge and The Skriker on Saturday, which we're very much looking forward to as that might be our last shindig for a while. Which we're also looking forward to as breaks have proven very beneficial for our company and our creative process.

We might give a go at writing another play. I might do a little sumthin', sumthin' on the acting end w. Ms. Van Dyke. She and I talked about a project during View rehearsals and I think it would be really fun to start working on it without the pressure of definitely putting a date on it. And, who knows ... we might post a season announcement sooner than later, once we get this parenting thing figgered out. (Does anybody ever completely get it figgered out? I'm looking forward to learning and teaching and watching our little one grow. And laugh with us. And play. And do what families do ... yay!)

So ... stay tuned for announcements. I'm also going to try to write daily blogs here and they'll also be posted on my myspace page. If you're on myspace and would like to befriend me, please do.

Many hugs and kisses.


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