Monday, May 12, 2008

Lee Elia and Me

A couple of folks over at Slowlearner have been talking about how artists should open themselves up during the rehearsal process and have been comparing our processes and our sensitivities to sports team's processes and sensitivities. Scott Walters comments:

"When a football team loses, they players get hammered by just about everybody. Writers opine, fans fill the sports sites with assessment, talk radio shows are devoted to sports opinions. Result? More attention for the sport. Now, how comfortable is that for the quarterback being hammered, the pitcher being sliced and diced? But they handle it. But artists? Man, we would shrivel up an DIE under that scrutiny. Or...maybe we wouldn't. But we sure act like we would. All that delicate rehearsal time, and if somebody posts negative comments about a show once it's open WEE-OOO, the yogurt hits the fan. Are we really, truly that delicate? I'm just askin'."

And, to that, I answer with a resounding

That's what I'm talkin' about.



Scott Walters said...

Hey, that's cool! Although you had to go back to 1983 to find that example. Most players and coaches know that booing and criticism is part of the game, as is applause and praise. But what we hear in this recording is the artistic attitude that all too often is present: fuck the fans, we're professionals and we don't need them. Well, ahem -- where would the Cubs be without those fans? They'd be...well, they'd be theatre!

RVCBard said...

This is pretty f-ing funny.