Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is National Dictionary Day

So, look some stuff up already will you?

Just crack that book up ... and read.

I can spend hours with that darn red, worn dictionary book of mine.

Words that you always thought you knew the meaning of, you don't.

Words you didn't know exist, do.

And then there are the dirty words you run into accidentally ... gotta love those. Takes you back to sixth grade. One of my friends, Avery Scoville, read the whole thing in fifth grade. It was the talk of the school yard. If you always had a nose in books. Which I did.

Go crack something up and look up a word you've always wondered about ... go on.


Praxis Theatre said...

This one always gets me:


So much that I've highlighted all three in my dictionary.

Happy (belated) Dictionary Day!


Tony said...

The online version of webster's dictionary (www.m-w.com) also has audio pronunciations of every word in the dictionary--very cool.