Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Bobbings

Thank you to everyone who came to the GreyZelda Halloween Fundraiser! Here's a partial showing of the characters who made an appearance:

We also saw Magda, the Vampiric Barmaid, The Silver Lining, Gay-des (instead of Hades - heh heh heh!), a Mardi Gras party guest from Eyes Wide Shut, Disco Stu/Indiana Jones/Levon, Crazy Cat Lady and many more.

Brian Vander Ark played. Pryce played. Dave Lykins played. Dave McCaul's band-that-I-can't-quite-remember-the-name-of played and, between you and me and that tree over there, they're going to be really sumthin'. When they get their confirmed name, watch out!!!!

Apples were bobbed for. Kegs were tapped. Wine and Jim Beam were guzzled. Photographs and artwork were silently bidded on. Costumes were judged by a highly secret panel. Money was made for our upcoming season.

Thank you, everyone. We'll do it again.



Devilvet said...

Sorry I didnt make it. I will most certainty be a the show though. I hope you know that!

GreyZelda Land said...

No worries ... I most definitely do! The actors in A View from the Bridge are already doing amazing work, so I think you'll really like it.