Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here's that Cast List we were talking about . . .

Desire Under the Elms by Eugene O'Neill to be performed at the Oracle Theatre located on N. Broadway from May 10 - June 3rd, 2006.

Ephraim Cabot - Aris Tompulis
Eben Cabot - Tom Gordon
Simeon Cabot - Robert Oakes
Peter Cabot - Ben Veatch
Abbie Putnam - Melissa Kuhlmann

And there we have it, folks! Yippee!

Mulch is directing, Derek Jarvis will be assisting in all things, Crow will be adapting the Scarlet Letter and helping with whatever needs help. Heath Hays is designing the set and Robert Filippo is writing the music. Sarah Stec will be designing the advertisements and image for the show.

We're set y'all.

See you in May!


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