Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A GreyZelda Blog coming at you . . .

Just to catch you all up on the current status of what GreyZelda and its members are up to at the moment:

Mulch has started directing Desire Under the Elms and it's all going exquisitely well. Crow has not gotten to see a rehearsal yet, but all the feedback coming from the Mulchman is excellent and exciting. Can she use any more "ex" words, you ask? Heath will be unveiling his set design tomorrow night at rehearsal. We're hoping to be able to work a thrust stage idea out with Oracle. He'll just need to send over the design to Aaron Shapiro, Oracle's main contact person, and we'll hope for the best. Heath has an incredible idea that will really bring underlying feelings of O'Neill's text to the front and center. We'll update you soon and I'll try to get the Mulch Man on here to give you more of the innerworkings of the show. Crow will be saying a couple of lines in Act 3 which I'm excited about. There's another "ex" word.

Stacie Barra and I have been working on getting the straight dialogue from the Scarlet Letter onto paper. That's where we're starting from. She did the first act. I'm doing the second. It hurts arms typing so much, but it must be done. It's such a beautiful book and the ideas are abounding in my brain. Shadowboxes. Ribbons. Thornbushes. Embroidered A's. Stacie and I will be meeting tomorrow night to start discussing initial imaginings and abstract thoughts on the show. Always the best place to start. The rawest place.

We'll have bookmarks and business cards next week, so keep your eyes pealed. Sarah Stec also has the poster for Desire Under the Elms ready to go.

Oh, my gosh!!!!! GreyZelda has a new Business Director!!!! We're very lucky and thankful to have Sir Derek Jarvis join us in this role. Already, things feel more organized and controlled. I know he'll do an awesome job with it. So, if you know Derek, congratulate him. We're really happy about it.

What else, what else?

You can find out more silliness about Crow and Mulch at www.myspace.com/mulchcrow.

Crow's going to be helping LZ out with a performance art piece in May. I'll get to work with some talented gals and think it will be a good time.

We're seeing Dresden Dolls next Friday. I love Dresden Dolls.

Take care, dear cats,
Ms. Crow

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