Saturday, January 28, 2006

Squirrels Gone Wild!!!!!!!!

It is squirrel Saturday, ladies and gents! Mulch and I have been looking out the window watching squirrels going nuts. No pun intended. There are close to 15 squirrels running around, through parked cars' tires, up and down trees, hanging precariously from branches as other squirrels attempt to dislodge them. There's nothing worse than walking along the concrete paths and seeing a perfectly intact squirrel, back down, dead, knowing that he misjumped plunging to his death, snapping his back or breaking his neck. "And will my eyes be closed or open . . ."

My sister found it shocking that I was looking out the back windows at a group of deer coming to eat the leftover pumpkins under the snow that my family puts out for them. Like I've never seen deer before because I live in a city. I grew up on a farm and in my rural town of Hillsdale,MI. Why would I not be refreshed seeing deer that I used to see all the time? I don't see deer in Chicago. I have always liked deer. A deer stepped on my toe long ago and far away. And it hurt. But, it wasn't the deer's fault. I shouldn't have been wearing toeless sandals. I like nature wherever you place it. I do grow mighty weary of the manmade sites and sights of Chicago. So, yes, I will take the chance to watch the deer come and have leftover gourds. And I like spying squirrels, bunnies, woodpeckers (still on the hunt for him, but I know he's there), raccoons, possums, alleycats, CROWS, and leashed dogs that make up the population of the windy city as well.

(This was a good week for GreyZelda studies. More on that later, in case you were wondering why this isn't a GreyZelda blog. It's a Grey Squirrel-a blog instead.)

Happy Saturday!

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