Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday projections . . .

The Steelers will win!

But, that's not the projections I wanted to speak about today. Really, I just wanted to touch base - first, second, or third is fine with me.

We're going to be meeting with Sarah Stec on Tuesday night to talk about a GreyZelda branding campaign, amongst other things I'm sure. On Wednesday, Robert Filippo and I will going to an advertising meeting being held at the Atheneum theatre. Lawrence Bommer, a Chicago critic, will be there discussing eyecatching press releases, how to get your show to the people, etc. So, this upcoming week will be advertising week. I think it's good to get this stuff taken care of in the down time between shows.

Derek Jarvis is helping us with the 501c3 shtuff. Thank you, Derek. We've got the creating thing down. It's this other bureaucratic, paperwork game that gives us pause. Definitely our weakest part of the game. So, in this down time, that's what we're working on.

And then, bim bam boom! We'll have the summer of passion with Desire Under the Elms and the Scarlet Letter. Rock! Desire will be at Oracle Theatre and Scarlet will be at StageLeft. It'll be a lot of output all at once, but I think we're up for the challenge. We surround ourselves with wonderful people that make the whole process move in beautiful ways. Thank you, wonderful people.

So, again, just touching base on this snow touched Sunday. We went to the Ethiopian Diamond to celebrate Robert's birthday last night with dear friends who came back to our pad to continue conversations and rolling American Spirit cigarettes. We saw David Cronenberg's The Brood yesterday afternoon. Yikes. See it. It's very David Cronenberg. There are these creepy Teletubbie children . . . anyway. See it. A 1979 film. It's not out in theatres. It has Damien's nanny from the Omen. Very scary woman.

And, that's about it all around. Crow was going to do something very special for herself on Tuesday afternoon, but Manpower boxed her right out of it. There might be more info about that on ZeldaZee's blog.

Mulch is going to make my favorite breakfast mess in a little bit. Mmmmm. Potatoes, onions, peppers all mixed together topped with melted cheese and eggs with a side of refried beans and tortillas. It's awesome.

Caw from the darkside,

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