Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Video for a Sunny Wednesday

A video in which I speak of GreyZelda and the Chase Campaign:

Casual Conscience from Rebecca Zellar on Vimeo.

To vote for us, please click here. It takes a second. You know what to do.

And here's where I write more to tell you about our theatre company in case you didn't get enough information from yon video.

First off, if you don't know about GreyZelda and would like to get to know us a little better, please spend some time on this blog. I started it in 2004. There's lots of information on here and a little bit of dirt cuz that's how I roll.

You still have questions? That's cool. I've got time.

Why are you called GreyZelda?

It's purposely nonsensical but it was influenced by our grey kitty, my last name, Zelda Fitzgerald and the name Griselda, which makes me think of a princess in a gothic faerie tale. If it captures your fancy, than it's done its job. I've always imagined GreyZelda as a shape shifting young girl who's filled with an unending sense of adventure and whimsy.

What made you start your theatre company?

My husband and I both love directing and feel like our artistic voices get heard through that medium, more so than other theatrical positions. We have an aesthetic we want to share with our audience and like painting with people. We like offering a safe place for our artists to collaborate, experiment, and explore in.

There are so many other theatre companies in Chicago ... why don't you just work with other people?

Very true. We're not ready to let go of the ghost just yet. We have tales we want to tell you in our own way. I love working with our core members. I would turn the question around on you and say why don't you just work with us? The more the merrier!

Why do you deserve the $20K more than other theatre companies?

Well, as I barely articulated in the video above, I don't think we deserve it anymore than any other storefront in town. I can say that I think what we do is really good, has a distinct GreyZelda flavor, insists on excellence regardless of whether we have a lot of money or not.

Above all else, I believe in the people we've worked with through the years. Our actors - Lisa Wilson, Brenda Barrie, Missy Styles, Thom Sigsby, Tom Gordon, Melissa Gordon, Aris Tompulis, Meredith Lyons, Dave Goss, Dave Lykins, Kat Daniels, Kelly Yacono , etc. Our set designer Heath Hays. Our former musicians, Robert Filippo and Kristen Strezo. Sarah Stec, our intrepid graphic designer. Gene (the machine) Van Dyke, who has saved our technological arses time and time again. My dearest partner in crime, Chris Riter, who has worked with us as a playwright, an actor, a director, and an all around Renaissance Man. And, yeah, I believe in myself.

What are you going to do if you don't win?

Something else. There are tons of options out there and we're crafty. We'll try it for it next time if it comes back around.

Thanks for the questions, yo.

In the meantime, consider voting for us and telling all of your peeps to vote for us, as well. Check out our new website on Friday. Enjoy this beautiful summer. Let me know if you have any other questions because I like talking with yins.


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