Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Blog of the Video Variety.

Inspired by Dave Charest's Walks with Dave, I hauled off and recorded myself on the ol' flip cam to let y'all know what's up. It's my first whirl at this so please excuse ... many things. Do I say too much? Of course! Do I not say enough? You know it! Am I a total dorkus mcforkus? Heck yeah! Was it actually kinda fun to do? Yup. I'll keep on keepin' on with it because there's nowhere to go but up.

Thanks for watching, GreyZelda nation. Stay tuned for more videos from yours truly and our lovely company members.



An Unconfirmed Update from Rebecca Zellar on Vimeo.


Monica Reida said...

I can see where a video blog would be easier to put up than a written one. I think that at least this works well and thanks for the GreyZelda update.

RebeccaZ said...

It's definitely less time-consuming. Clara has a tendency to get really mad as soon as I sit down to write a blog so I either end up getting distracted which makes the writing awkward or I give up on the entire thing, so perhaps I'll stick with this method. Hopefully, I can cajole our other members to jump on board the video blog train, too, because they're endlessly fascinating people, imho.

Wacky Holly said...

nice vlog!! fundraiser sounds fun!!!

RebeccaZ said...

Oh, it's gonna be off the hook with oodles of silliness. I hope you can make it, Ms. Holly!

Dave said...

Yay! Nice going RZ. Congrats on the vlog.

Looking forward to hearing more about that mystery playwright. ;-)