Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Outside of Theatre ...

... what's your idea of a good time? What have you done for pleasure, education, etc that have happened to inspire you to create theatre because of the experience?

For example ... Chris and I love going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Copper Harbor, especially. Lake Superior crashing on volcanic rock. Bald eagles patrolling the rocky shores on their migratory paths. Silent bike rides under oranges, reds and yellows. Full glimpses of the Milky Way and flirting from the Northern Lights. Visits to Fort Wilkins and tales of girls who come from the south to visit their sisters and disappear after picking thimbleberries.

We decided to start working on The Thimbleberry Gallows after such a visit in the Fall of 2004.

What gets your juices churning? What's your secret sauce?

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