Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GreyZelda's Coartistic Directors and Founders

Thank you, Johnny Knight, for such a great picture!!! This picture was snapped of Chris and me before the Jeff Awards Ceremony began and it's my new favorite picture of us. I'm with David Moore (yeah, you look great in that picture, D.A.M!!!!) in agreeing that I often don't get the best pictures taken (my eyes are kooky or closed; I'm making a goofy face, etc). Chris, in my unbiased opinion, always takes a good pic and looks like a dashing gentleman. We were there to support the incomparable Nicolle Van Dyke who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a play for A View from the Bridge and had a very nice evening eating strawberries and seeing what the Jeffs are all about.


Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats you guys, for your first entry into Jeff-dom -- and yes, for striking such awesome poses!

It was great to see you there, and thanks for the offer to squeeze into GreyZelda Land if the folks I was supposed to meet bailed on me. And for not taking it personally when they did show and I upped and walked away. :-)

RebeccaZ said...

It was nice seeing you, too, and you did a great job presenting your award! =)

There is always room for more in GreyZelda Land, so our booth is always available to you, kind sir.