Thursday, January 10, 2008

What the People Are Saying ....

From Morgan Manasa, Babes with Blades Member and local Chicago actor:


You must get over to Stage Left to see GreyZelda's production of A View from the Bridge.

This is one of my all time favorite plays and ... I had never seen it performed. It was lovely. Real, raw, charming and heartbreaking. Do yourselves a favor and see it before it's over! RUN. Don't walk."

From Tom Williams,

"The acting was excellent with Aris Tompulis’ Eddie, Kelly Breheny’s Catherine and Tom Gordon’s Rodolpho particularly wonderful. The fine
Brooklyn accents and truthful emotional rage and genuine angst from Miller’s characters came across effectively in The Grey Zelda Group's production. We see Eddie’s pent-up sexual desire and his homophobia explode into tragedy. His journey unfolds as high drama. This is a worthy production. "

From Lisa Wilson, GreyZelda company member and Chicago actor:

"The show is f@#*ing phenomenal.... I couldn't believe the tears I had in my eyes. I haven't cried in a theatrical piece as an audience member since I saw a studio workshop of
Slaughter City in college. The acting is amazing and I loved every character in it. Plus, there is fighting and film - yeah. I am very proud of them mulch/crows."

From William Scott, New City critic:

"This young company is many exciting things. They are great actors and a tight ensemble in Miller's superbly crafted script .... Aris Tompulis’ Eddie is a big lug who you want to hug and punch alternately, but he is always human. Nicolle Van Dyke and Kelly Breheny, Beatrice and Catherine respectively, hold their own. They give hard, delicate and beautiful performances. See this play. Support this company. GreyZelda will be well served by continuing to take chances as long as they genuinely support the production."

From Dave Lykins, Alfieri in A View from the Bridge,
Chicago actor and musician:

"The real treat is watching the live cast live this thing. It's probably the best cast I've ever worked with. Having a great cast means nothing without direction and Chris Riter has done a f#@*ing awesome job here. I'm really proud & lucky to be associated with these guys ... It's normal for an actor to pump up the show he's in but I am not really a self promoting type of guy. This is a great presentation of great play and it is only running until the 2nd of February. You'll be doing yourself a favor if caught this before it goes away."

I'll post more feedback as it come our way ... thank you to everyone who's seen the show so far!!!!

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Super-La said...

Not at all. Please do!

It was an honor to be in attendence for A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. Congratulations! I can't wait to come back and see what wonderful work you do next!

-kaela altman