Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A View from the Bridge - Only Two More Weeks!

We only have two weekends left for you to see Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge! Please make your reservations now. We're mighty proud of this show and our cast rocks our world. Check it!


“See this play. Support this company.” ~William Scott, New City


Call 773-427-1935.


Visit http://www.greyzelda.com for online purchasing.

Ticket Specials:

Bloggers Deal- 2 for 1 ... if you have a blog, you can get in, with a friend, for half price. 10 buckaroos each.

Industry Nights- Sundays - also a 2 for 1 deal with a headshot / resume or a business card.

What the People Say:

"(Aris) Tompulis gives one of the best performances you’re likely to to see on a Chicago stage this winter. His mannerisms and delivery were so natural, I actually had to check my script afterwards to make sure he wasn’t ad libbing. Equally outstanding are Dave Goss’s Marco and Tom Gordon’s Rodolpho, both of whom have mastered an Italian accent and every task called for by the text. Finally, Kelly Breheny, playing niece Katherine for a second time, shows remarkable comfort with the role ... GreyZelda has established itself as a theater company to watch ... "

~Ethan Stanislawski, Chicago Maroon

"This young company is many exciting things. They are great actors and a tight ensemble in Miller's superbly crafted script .... Aris Tompulis’ Eddie is a big lug who you want to hug and punch alternately, but he is always human. Nicolle Van Dyke and Kelly Breheny, Beatrice and Catherine respectively, hold their own. They give hard, delicate and beautiful performances. See this play. Support this company. GreyZelda will be well served by continuing to take chances as long as they genuinely support the production."

~William Scott, New City

“The strong cast of GreyZelda Theatre Group's production--including Aris Tompulis as Eddie, Kelly Breheny as the niece, and Tom Gordon as her lover--give their characters gritty intensity.”

~Albert Williams, Chicago Reader

"The acting was excellent with Aris Tompulis’ Eddie, Kelly Breheny’s Catherine and Tom Gordon’s Rodolpho particularly wonderful. The fine Brooklyn accents and truthful emotional rage and genuine angst from Miller’s characters came across effectively in The Grey Zelda Group's production. We see Eddie’s pent-up sexual desire and his homophobia explode into tragedy. His journey unfolds as high drama. This is a worthy production."

~Tom Williams, chicagocritic.com

“The trio that anchors the GreyZelda cast couldn't be better. As Eddie, Aris Tompulis is all tightly coiled torment, a man without the capacity for redemptive self-reflection, a victim of his own obsessive, machismo posturing and bull-headed possessiveness. As Beatrice, Nicolle Van Dyke is endlessly sympathetic as a bitter, world-weary woman whose realization of the death of her marriage comes as a dagger to the heart. And as Catherine, Kelly Breheny is luminous, a young woman whose combination of innocence and sensuality could make a priest kick in a stained-glass window.”

~Catey Sullivan, News-Star

“Nicolle Van Dyke as the long-suffering wife Beatrice, Kelly Breheny as the wide-eyed Catherine, and Tom Gordon as the new-in-town Rodolfo fit perfectly into their roles. With spot-on accents, great sense of timing, and affecting performances.”

~Dennis Mahoney, Centerstage

“Tom Gordon’s dynamic performance as a passionate Italian singer and Kelly Brenehy’s fragile work as the object of his affection.”

~Christopher Piatt

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