Friday, December 28, 2007

Movin' Day

(Kelly Breheny as Catherine; Nicolle Van Dyke as Beatrice)

Today's the day that we start moving the show into StageLeft .... Chris and Heath (scenic designer) will be meeting Kevin or John there tonight at 6pm and will start constructing the set. Meanwhile, Holly (assistant director) and I will conduct rehearsal at our place with the actors ... it may or may not be an annoying line through where we stop actors, correct their lines, make them write down what needs correcting and carry laboriously on through the end ... it may be a normal run-through ... it has yet to be decided.

Tomorrow, Holly and I will run around town collecting final props and costumes. Tom (Rodolpho) will get his hair dyed blond. Chris and Heath will continue building. Julie (lighting designer) will join the festivities around 3pm and will start hanging her lights. What's very cool this time around is that we're able to move into StageLeft a little bit earlier because of the holidays - no one's doing anything and the space is available for us to start making it our temporary home.

Sunday - more building, painting, adding the furniture. Julie will set her light design into the computer. We'll add the film in ... Heath works for a company that provided video conferencing capabilities and he has editing software on his computer that will help make Ed's HD look incredible on stage. The actors will join us in the evening and we'll figure out their exits, entrances, scenes with the film, etc.

Then ... Monday - Wednesday - Final Dress Rehearsals with added food, costumes, makeup, full lights, full furniture, the works.

Thursday night - we open. The opening night show is almost sold out, which is very cool. Our Saturday, January 19th show is also sold out, so reserve or buy your tickets now!

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, presented by The GreyZelda Theatre Group
StageLeft Theatre - 3408 N. Sheffield Chicago, IL
January 3-February 2, 2008 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays)
Tickets - $20.00
Call 773-427-1935 or visit to purchase tickets online.


Devilvet said...

happy new year!!!Any chance of watching a dress this week? I'll even make a donation...

GreyZelda Land said...

Hey, Bob -

Could you email me on Tuesday:

We're in the midst of "putting it all together" land, so I can't answer the question at the moment, but should have an answer for you on Tuesday.

Thank you!

devilvet said...

word up