Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Like ....

I Like ...

Current mood: excited

I like this time in the rehearsal process.

I like the time where the scenes start getting sewn together. Lines are learned and the word, "Line!" gets called more and more infrequently. I like getting costumes together and making prop lists and seeing what we have and what we need to get. Seeing if we can use our own resources or ask our actors and crews if they have things like phonographs or pencil skirts or hitting stores like Lost Eras or antique markets in Allen, MI. I like talking about having actors dye their hair but not their eyebrows. Please dye the hair first than we'll talk about the eyebrows. I like final rehearsals and knowing that things are getting done on the east coast. Knowing that soon the music will be added, the film will be added, the set will take shape and the light will give illumination.

I like inviting the press and other appropriate figures to the show. I like giving hundreds of the oversized posters to Meg from Streetflyers, knowing that she's going to paint several neighborhoods with them, saving us oodles of time. I like telling people about our progress. I like the process. I like this time.


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