Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's All About the A

It's All About the A.

Here's what Chicago has to say about GreyZelda's adaptation of The Scarlet Letter!
Kerry Reid of the Chicago Tribune says:

"Elizabeth Styles is a striking and dignified Hester . . ."

Tom Williams of says:

" . . . dramatic moments from Toby Minor as the tormented Dimmesdale."

" . . .witness Elizabeth Styless commandingly powerful performance as Hester Prynne. Meredith Rae Lyons added several effective scenes as the impish child Pearl."

"I admire the ambition . . . "

"Kudos to Greyzelda Theatre for stretching to present an original adaptation."

Kay Daly of Timeout Magazine says:

"This staging of Hawthornes novel of sin and redemption opens promisingly enough with a striking image: a tangle of actors entwined in a sort of living sculpture, groping hopelessly to move apart while staying connected. Its an evocative and eloquent symbol for Hawthornes New England: repressed, interdependent and hypocritical."

Jack Helbig of the The Chicago Reader says:

"Adapter-director Rebecca Zellar and the ensemble do a good job finding the drama . . . The acting is strong and many of the scenes are spare and pointed."

Barbara Vitello from the Daily Herald says:

"GreyZelda's version stands head and shoulders above Roland Joffé's spectacularly ill-conceived 1995 film starring the spectacularly mediocre Demi Moore as Hester Prynne."

"Rebecca Zellar remains faithful to Hawthorne. Her scrupulous adaptation keeps intact the novel's dialogue."

" . . . newcomer GreyZelda shows promise."

"The production also benefits from solid acting from its principals, especially Elizabeth Styles as an appropriately stoic Hester . . . Styles carries herself with the dignity and calm reserve Hawthorne's proto-feminist heroine demands. It is a quietly noble performance, capped off by an emotional, well-acted reunion with Toby Minor's Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale . . .Minor is passionate . . . "

"(Ron) Kuzava makes an especially effective predator."

"Lisa Baer stands out among the supporting cast . . ."

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