Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Buy Tickets for the Scarlet Letter Online!

Hey, everyone!

We're opening The Scarlet Letter up tomorrow and have made arrangements to sell tickets online through if you'd like to purchase them early to assure that you'll have a seat. You can go to the following website to buy them:

The show's rockin' it. The actors look gorgeous in their costumes, Heath's lighting is starting to illuminate the billowing white curtains, Miranda Sex Garden sounds awesome in StageLeft's speakers, etc, etc, etc. I think you'll really enjoy yourselves.

We're having a Preview for a few audience members this evening and are considering tonight our final dress, so hopefully everything will come together in one fell swoop.

The Jeff Committee is coming tomorrow to adjudicate the show for possible Jeff recommendations which would be incredibly exciting. This is the first time GreyZelda's been eligible for consideration and we're hoping for the best.

We'll have quite a few reviewers there on Saturday evening . .. if you haven't ever witnessed many reviewers showing up to the same place at the same time, please try to do so. It's more entertaining the show half the time! =)

So, come see, come see!

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