Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scarlet Letter Actor Call

Hello, everyone -

As some of you know, we're going to start rehearsals and experiments for the Scarlet Letter soon, which we're adapting straight from Nathaniel Hawthorne's tale. Missy Styles is going to be Hester Prynne and Meredith Lyons is going to be Pearl, Hester's daughter. All the other parts are completely up in the air, so that means we're looking for a Reverend Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth, plus 4 other actors who can play multiple roles like Mistress Hibbons, the various clergymen, the governor, townspeople, etc. We're looking for people with movement background and creators who love the process of discovery and exploration. A lot of stage time to be had by all. And, if you've auditioned for us before, we'd love to have you back!

Like Metamorphosis, this production is going to be VERY movement oriented, experimental, and representational with the set. Kim Katona is helping me come up with shadow effects that will make things very mysterious and haunting. There will be much fabric to play with and interweave from here to there and everywhere. Stacie Barra is helping me as assistant director and she's also already come up with super cool costume designs.

The process should be very enjoyable and all the actors will really help with the creative process. We love ensemble work, as a lot of you are aware. So . . . please let me know if you'd be interested and feel free to forward this to other actors that you think would like to be involved in our process. There will be some pay and we're always very generous at making everyone know how much we appreciate their hard work. We'll hold auditions if we don't get the response we're looking for this way. Either way, I'll need to have folks read for the part and also see how wonderfully they move.

The show will run for six weeks starting in August at StageLeft. I'm hoping to start rehearsals mid-May at our space on Ravenswood.

I look forward to hearing from you and am incredibly excited about this beautiful project.

Take care,
RebeccaRebecca Zellar and Chris Riter
The GreyZelda Theatre Group

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