Monday, April 10, 2006

GreyZelda Updates

Many of you already know this, but I'm putting this here for historical purposes . . . it's our GreyZelda newsletter . . . it's probably in your inboxes. Go check your email! Quick! Quick!

Hello, everybody -

I just wanted to write and let everybody know what's been happening in the land of the GreyZelda Theatre Group.

Front and Center . . . We'll be opening Desire Under the Elms by Eugene O'Neill a month from today - May 10 and it'll be the kick off of our third season in Chicago. The show will be at the Oracle Theatre on N. Broadway. Chris is directing and it should be a beautifully swell show. If I could play you the music, show you the set design, preview the acting, and pass along O'Neill's text, I would, but it'll be better for you to see for yourself.

I've been adapting the Scarlet Letter with the help of Stacie Barra. We're putting that up in August at StageLeft.

If you haven't seen it already, we've created a myspace account, which you can see at Please feel free to add us as friends. We're friendly.

I also set up a cafepress account for us, where you can purchase GreyZelda items along the likes of . . . coffee mugs, bags, journals, stickers, underwear (yes, GreyZelda underwear. I can't wait to get mine.), tshirts, and hats. It's pretty cool. Sarah Stec did amazing work at coming up with a Branding campaign for us and her logos, designs, etc will be on each of the GreyZelda items.

And, speaking of Sarah . . . she helped us with business cards and bookmarks, so keep your eyes open all around town. She also helped us with a new website design, so check that out, too. And feel free to send me quotes to put in the Crow's beak day to day.

That's about it on the GZ front. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying this gorgeous day!

Take care,

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