Saturday, July 24, 2004

Our first Blog

Sounds like BLOB . . . Mulch doesn't feel like composing a blog today so it's all about the lady.  We got the link to this blogging business from  Check out the site.  We would definitely be rabid to vote if Mr. Moore were our man.

So, why have this here ranting space?  We're going to let the folks know how the process is going, how GreyZelda is growing, what's going on with us, and everything in between. 

We're moving into a crucial week of rehearsal for Metamorphosis.  We don't have our rehearsal space the week before the show opens so this week will be an experiment of runthroughs.  Charlotte, the lighting designer, comes on Monday and we might be having this guy, Seph, assist us with light board and being an outside eye.  We've gotten wonderful feedback about him from Robert, our musician and friend, and Theresa, a lovely soul.  Hopefully, that'll work out.  What's really great about this process has been the amount of help offered this time around.  We were really by ourselves last time but I think the quality of work that was done on One Flea Spare has gotten people into our camp - and not a bad one at that.

The show is its own entity.  A creature of our collective imaginings.  I hope the people like it but it's not meant to mass entertain.   We're hoping to get an audience that transcends the normal theatre going group.  But that's everyone's hope.  It is what it is and each performance will change.  "To change", Mr. Samsa toasts, and there it is.

So, I'm going to make this a short one, just to see how it appears.  I hope all who have read this is doing well and if it's just me, well then, I'm turning the corner into Mulch's illness - he's got a summer cold, methinks, and I'm starting to feel some effects of some sorts . . . and it's not wine because it's only one in the afternoon . . . not that that stops some, but . . . .whatever.  I'm out.

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