Monday, August 02, 2010

Chapter One: One Flea Spare

GreyZelda was born in the hoary winds of Chicago, Illinois.

Orphaned in the most foul year of our lord, 2003, her abandoned countenance was discovered roaming the city's back alleys seeking harbour from the scurvy knaves of a most disinterested world by two travelling rogues, Sir Mulch and Lady Crow.

For years prior, the surly couple attempted in vain to create a child-being of their own; an anomollous creature whose nature displayed a fecund synthesis of their own peculiarities. Alas, the tragic efforts of the two yielded only sadness and heartache, until they found Zelda, hunkered inside only a cloak and hood, grey in pallour from the harsh exile of Love's mother, Winter. She was weak and with little breath.

Perceiving deliverance to years of searching in the form of this nearly dead, young girl, the couple swept her up in their arms and hastened in carriage to a meager flat on the city's northwest end, known as the Manor of Ravenswood. There she was warmed, fed, and, over the course of the following years, schooled in unknown arts, past and future. The couple knew that soon she would be ready to step into the world as a practitioner of her own devices.

However, Sir Mulch and Lady Crow knew, also, that GreyZelda would need companionship on her long journey ahead. So, they gave her the gift of a single, tiny flea . . .

(written by C. Riter)

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