Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Few Thoughts about This and That and the T'other Ting


We're in the final week of full runthroughs before we move into Angel Island ... the cast is doing really well and the show is coming together, as it should. The big theme of last night's rehearsal was "specificity", "firm choices" and "take the journey from scene to scene". Those three things will probably continue to be a mantra throughout the run, as well, as they're always excellent things for any actor to remember.

We attempted to put our transitional/incidental music last night ... with a little doctoring, that should be good to go. Chris is in charge of the sound and the lights once we move into the space, so he'll also be in charge of that at rehearsals. Robert Filippo did an excellent job, as per usual, with the music ... I'm really happy with it. He wrote the pre-show music on Saturday night and it's gorgeous. He lost his grandmother this weekend and used those feelings to create something mournful and monastic, with a side of mania ... which is similar to the character of The Skriker, so it all works out serendipitously.

We open April 17th. We're a couple tickets shy of being sold out on Saturday, April 19th, so if you're planning on coming the opening weekend, I encourage you to come any other date than Saturday.

A reminder to you kind folks on our ticket deals ....

Regular Ticket Price is $20.00. If you'd like to purchase them online, you may do so at www.greyzelda.com.

If you're listed to the right of this post on my blogamaroll, you may come for FREE!!!!!! That's right. I look forward to meeting you!

If you're looking for an Industry night deal, we have two of them! Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons are Pay What You Can for those with a headshot/resume, business card, or some other proof that you're in the theatre business.

If you come see the show and pay a ticket price and decide to come see the show again ... It's FREE to you!!!!! As long as you bring a paying guest with you.

If you're a student or a senior citizen and have an ID to show that to the box office person .... you'll be able to pay $10.00.

And them's our ticket deals, my friends.

Come see the show. It's playful. It's creepy. It's complex. It'll stick with you after you leave the theatre. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. Unless you've seen The Skriker.

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