Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Skriker Poster and Cast

Designed by Sarah Stec


The Skriker - Lisa Wilson
Josie - Kathryn Daniels
Lily - Erin Ordway

Passerby - Jana Liles
Kelpie/Yallery Brown - Kelly Yacono
Dark Fairy/Black Dog - Annie Passinisi
Fair Fairy - Taylor Mauch
Green Lady - Kate Froehlich
Jennie Greenteeth/Rawheadandbloodybones - Dani Bryant
Girl with Telescope/Lost Girl - Morgan Christiansen
Hag - Jamie DesRocher
Bogle - Amanda Eaton
Brownie - Karen Gollrad
Man with Bucket - Brian Bell
Spriggan/Granddaughter - Jill Thiel
Black Annis/Dead Child/Great-Great-Granddaughter - Rebecca Mauldin


Don Hall said...

Best fucking poster I've seen this year.


GreyZelda Land said...

Thank you, Don! I'm enchanted by the decay and that underlying shade of blue ... Sarah Stec never ceases to surprise and delight me.